Neue Version geplant: Hearthstone Junior!

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    Für den Fall, dass es noch kein anderer gepostet hat:

    With the upcoming release of the new expansion „Journey to Un’Goro“, first glances on a new „Kid’s Version“ of Hearthstone have been allowed. Officially labeled „Hearthstone Junior“, this separate game is specifically designed for a younger generation of gamers. As the the developers have announced, the idea is to:

    „… make the fantastic universe of Hearthstone accessable for all the kids who are still too young to understand the complex mechanics of the original game. The Junior-Version will contain only 5 different cards, which will all be available in the first free package right from the start to avoid frustration. The main idea was to create an playful environment where the kids are able to get used to the different kinds of cards and master simple matches. A main focus was to get them used to the role of luck and chance in such a game.“

    Hearthstone Junior

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    Dabei seit 11.09.2015
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    Dabei seit 31.01.2014

    Was besseres ist Blizzard zum heutigen Tag nicht eingefallen? 😴


    Dabei seit 11.01.2016
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    Hearthstone ist doch schon die Kinderversion von nem richtigen Kartenspiel xD


    Dabei seit 15.07.2016
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    Netter Aprilscherz😂😂😂

    Nicht mehr lange und es heißt ade, PW!

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