Hotfixes nach Patch 17.0: Diese Fehler-Behebungen kommen in den nächsten Tagen

Wie Community Manager Kerfluffle vor wenigen Stunden im offiziellen Hearthstone US-Forum mitgeteilt hat, wird aktuell an einer Reihe von Hotfixes für Probleme in Patch 17.0 gearbeitet.

Diverse Bugs wurden bereits behoben, weitere Hotfixes sind für den 30.03. und den 07.04. geplant. Die Behebung findet serverseitig statt, d.h. es wird keinen Download geben.

Zitat von Kerfluffle (Quelle)

We are currently in the process of putting out a few hotfixes for issues introduced after the 17.0 update. Please note that these fixes take place on the server side, so you should not need to download anything if you’ve updated to 17.0.

  • We’ve identified and fixed an issue that could cause the game to fail to offer some eligible players the Returning Player Experience. Affected players should now receive the appropriate quest line when logging into Hearthstone.
  • Whizbang the Wonderful will no longer offer decks with cards that have moved to the Hall of Fame.
  • Kingsbane will now correctly be destroyed and shuffled into your deck when it reaches 0 durability.
  • Living Root, when disenchanted, now properly gives the amount of dust of a common instead of an epic. However, its gem rarity will not be updated until Monday (3/30).
  • Invoke cards will now no longer appear from cards that generate other cards.
  • Clever Disguise will now correctly function as intended when played.

This coming Monday (3/30), we’re planning to deploy a data-only patch that addresses a couple more issues:

  • Darkness Awaits will no longer be incorrectly marked as collectible in the Collection.
  • Basic cards will no longer be incorrectly earned from Arena rewards.
  • Living Root’s gem rarity will be corrected from Epic to Common.

There are several known issues that will self-resolve on 4/7 when the Demon Hunter and Ashes of Outland unlock:

  • Felfin Navigator will correctly appear in the Battlegrounds minion pool.
  • The Battlegrounds Perks button will correctly function as intended when clicked.
  • The new Priest cards will correctly appear in the Arena card pool.
  • Demon Hunter Initiate cards will no longer be granted by completing Galakrond’s Awakening Chapters.
  • Hallucination and Blink Fox will work correctly when played against Demon Hunter in Practice Mode.
  • Curious Glimmerroot will no longer cause client crashes when played against Demon Hunter in Practice Mode.
  • The Search Bar in the Collection will correctly function as intended, and will no longer jump to the top of the screen.

Additionally, there are a few Boomsday Project Puzzles that can no longer be completed now because of card changes introduced in 17.0. We’re planning to deploy a fix for Boomsday Project Puzzles on April 9.

We are investigating several other reports and will keep you posted as we know more. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience while we get some of these bugs squashed!

28.03.2020 um 07:47

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