Die besten Paladin-Karten für die Arena

Ich bin über eine Liste eines Streamers gestolpert, welche Paladin-Karten er am besten findet. Sind alle auf englisch und ich kann die Namen nicht alle zu ordnen.

Da dachte ich mir, ich kopiers mal hier rein, dann kriegt es Tooltips und ich muss es nicht manuell raussuchen. 😀 Vielleicht hilft es ja noch dem ein oder anderen:

Pally’s common pick order is roughly:

1. Consecration
LOL as if you were expecting me to say anything else.

2. Truesilver Champion
An amazing card for recovering tempo. Hard to have too many of these.

3. Argent Protector
Yes this guy is the %^-*.

4. Hammer of Wrath
A good card advantage spell, especially if you’re ahead on the board.

5. Blessing of Kings
Usually as good as a 4/4 haste for 4, sometimes better.

6. Blessing of Wisdom
Very strong card advantage play, can go crazy if unchecked.

7. Noble Sacrifice
The only trap really worth taking. Amazing to combo with Cult Master.

8. Light’s Justice
Not exciting, great in the Paladin Mirror though. Usually let’s you plink off a few guys. Fun to combo with Spiteful Smith.

9. Hand of Protection
This isn’t *bad,* but it’s pretty redundant with the much stronger Argent Protector. Pick these up if you haven’t seen any Protectors.

10. Blessing of Might
Somewhat iffy, but can be okay to cast on a guy behind a taunt creature, or on a token that wants to trade with a 4-toughness thing.

11. Redemption
Most of the time this is a crappy version of Warrior’s Commanding Shout. HOWEVER, it is super sick if you have a lot of Charge or divine shield minions. The best is when you have Argent Commander, who has BOTH; it’s an amazing combo. Just remember that this is not really a „trap“ card, it’s something you play right before you make a trade.

12. Guardian of Kings
Barely playable, usually can only take this over trash.

13. Repentance
Pretty much unplayable stuff from here on out. People play 1-toughness [email protected]#$ into this too much for it to be worth a card.

14. Humility
Awful pseudo removal. Always a negative card advantage play.

15. Holy Light (WOW TERRIBLE)
16. Eye for an Eye (LOL)


Hat jemand Ahnung vom Paladin in der Arena und sieht es anders?

Edit: Hier noch ein Video vom Listen-Ersteller mit 9:2:

Hier war mal eingebetteter Inhalt. Leider ist dies aktuell nicht mehr möglich. Was hier mal war findest du nun unter folgendem Link:



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